Post box rental comes in handy for a number of different customers, but mainly those who want to maintain a professional image and don’t have a registered business address. This is perfect for those who are always on the move or run their business primarily from home.

At Post and Packing we can provide you with post box rental in Kings Hill, which is one of the most prestigious postcodes in the UK. Whatever your need for post box rental, get in touch with us today and find out how we can help.

Why should you choose post box rental?

Our Kings Hill post box rental service ensures you have a separate address for business correspondence 24/7. You can pick up your parcels and letters at any time and if necessary we’ll even sign for deliveries.

We can also forward any mail you receive to your own address, ensuring your professional image remains intact at all times. As an extra benefit, all parcels can be delivered to your rented post box, without needing to fit through your tiny letterbox back at home.

Why choose our Kings Hill post box rental?

Post and Packing offer a better alternative to traditional PO boxes and you can benefit from a professional address, including a prefixed term including box, suite or unit.

For more information on our post box rental service or to set yours up today, simply give us a call on 01732 840600. Prices start from just £21 a month, so make sure to enquire today.

To find out more on the incredible services we offer, give us a call or visit the shop today.

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