The inability to keep on top of order fulfilment is a hugely detrimental and, unfortunately, key factor in the failure of smaller businesses. The time it takes to deal with postage and shipping eats up valuable minutes where you could otherwise be focusing on making your business as good as it can possibly be. As such, it’s becoming increasingly standard for companies to outsource their order fulfilment to packaging specialists.

Why should I choose order fulfilment services?

Post & Packing Kings Hill prides itself on ensuring order fulfilment is met for small-to-medium sized businesses, with our most prevalent customers coming in the form of eBay sellers and e-commerce sites.

An innovative tracking service and stock management system help us stand out from the crowd – making it possible for you to keep on top of the exact location of your order, as well as offering you the chance to reorder any stock and keep an eye on the precise stock levels themselves.

Please feel free to come into our store at any time you’d like, with office hours running from 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday and 10am-12pm on Saturday. We’d love for you to get a feel for the store and see how we operate.

By providing you with elite postage and shipping needs, we strive to keep you content in the knowledge that you can focus totally on your business, while we take care of all the hassle of sending out orders to your ever-growing customer base.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll provide you with a full schedule to match your shipping needs, as well as a quotation completely free of charge. There’s no obligation to accept the quote, but if you want a professional organisation to take charge of your shipping needs, then Post & Packing is the way to go.

Post & Packing Kings Hill order fulfilment services

There really isn’t a better option in the area than P&P, with our primary focus being eBay sellers and e-commerce sites. Our order fulfilment services make sure your packages are tracked at all times, as well as being dealt with as soon as we hear about them. Our aim is to keep you happy, by keeping your customers happy. It’s a simple but effective premise.

For further information on the Kings Hill Post & Packaging give us a call on 01732 840600 or send a direct email to [email protected]. You can also fill in the form below or even walk straight into our office and discuss a potential partnership. We hope to hear from you soon.

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