Post and Packing are a leading name in the field of mail and order fulfilment. We work to ensure your requirements are met, serving to reduce hassle and stress, as well as boosting efficiency. As part of the service, we’ll store, package and ship out your goods on your behalf. Tried and tested, we’re fulfilment experts with a desire to help your business thrive.

Fulfilment Services for Your Business

There are lots of benefits which accompany the use of order fulfilment services for businesses, with just some of the most notable including:

  1. Saving you money
  2. Allowing you to remain flexible
  3. Gifting your business the chance to expand without restrictions
  4. Raising brand awareness

Ultimately, if you’re a company experiencing high demand for your stock, the use of order fulfilment will help. Popularity is great, but if you’re finding there’s not enough time to deal with shipping items out or even storing the items, you might need to ask the experts. Let us help you enhance your professional company image.

Fulfilment Services with Post and Packing

It’s understandable to have reservations regarding order fulfilment. After all, this is a crucial part of online selling and something you might not want to place in the hands of a ‘second party’.

That’s the beauty of Post and Packing, however. We might not actually be licensed to your business, but we’ll take as much care, diligence and effort with your stock as if we were lifelong employees. Well-equipped and trained staff know exactly how to tackle all packaging challenges, including dealing with fragile goods which could smash.

Our service is hassle free. There’s no need to source packaging or spend forever correctly packing your parcels. We’ll also find the best possible rate for sending your goods, meaning you save plenty on shipping costs.

Storage Services

Half the battle when it comes to dealing with an online business comes in the need to find somewhere to keep your stock stored. If you’re continuing to grow rapidly, you may soon find storing everything in your garage isn’t feasible.

That’s where we come in. Our storage units keep your goods safe, with Post and Packing offering inventory control and barcoded stocks for traceability. We also have the ability to assist other software system requirements if necessary.

The major benefits of outsourcing your storage needs include:

  1. Freeing up more time for you to work on your business
  2. Giving you more space and freedom in your home
  3. Making the process of shipping out goods simpler

By doubling up on order fulfilment and storage services, you’ll be able to completely wipe away any pressure that comes with the nitty-gritty of online selling.

When Post and Packing take on your fulfilment needs, you’ll see instant results in your businesses’ productivity and efficiency. With the stress of having to package and ship out every item of stock (as well as storing it) taken away, you’ll find time to focus on the rest of the business in much greater detail.

Post & Packing Order Fulfilment Services Trial

Our order fulfilment trial gives you a risk-free move so you can try out our services for peace of mind. Send us some stock, incur NO storage fees for 30 days and see how we can take away the hassle for you, allowing you more time to grow your business.

Don’t delay. Contact the Post and Packing team on 0845 4989622, or head to your local store for a friendly face-to-face chat with a member of staff. If you’re interested in any of the other businesses services we offer, check those out right here.

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Our 30-day trial gives you a risk-free move so you can trial out our services for peace of mind.

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