BREXIT Impact on Posting – Will You Be Ready?

We would like to make all of our customers aware of potential changes that can affect posting items outside of the UK if there is a no-deal BREXIT.

What will be required from customers (the SENDER)?

More detailed information MUST be supplied by the SENDER including:

  • Recipient contact details (local telephone number and email)
  • Comprehensive list of ALL items being posted including for each:
  • Description
  • HS code (please refer to
  • Origin (country of manufacture)
  • Item(s) value & total value
  • Items(s) weight & total weight
  • Reason for Export (e.g. sale, sample, return, gift, personal possession)

Please note that business goods may require EORI or VAT details.

Each courier has a different way of requesting the above information, which can vary from a manual form filling exercise to capturing the data online in a system.

Post and Packing can advise in each case.

Manual forms will be available in our Post & Packing shops for the SENDER to complete. Please make sure the declaration is completed accurately and in full so that the destination country can process the parcel. For electronic submissions please supply ALL the required information at time of posting. Unfortunately, missing data will prevent the parcel from being processed.

Incomplete or incorrect declarations can lead to:

  • Additional charges & fees (see below)
  • Delays in processing parcels during the journey
  • Return of parcel which could include extra charges
  • Destroyed parcel with no compensation

Post and Packing have NO control or influence over parcels once they have been collected by the respective courier and cannot be held responsible.

Additional Fees & Charges

Goods may be subject to customs fees and charges. Post and Packing cannot advise on what these may be.

These will depend on the destination, contents type, value and reason for export. Any duties will have to be paid by the recipient before the parcel is released to them. The levels and thresholds of charges will vary from country to country, so the SENDER will need to contact the embassy or customs authority of the destination country for any help or advice.

In certain circumstances, the SENDER will be required to leave a refundable deposit over and above the cost of the postage price in order to cover any unforeseeable circumstances, whereby Post and Packing can incur additional charges that are not expected. These reasons may include a change/amendment of address, return costs of items declined entry into recipient country and/or cost of holding items awaiting customs clearance.

For further information on an individual courier, please see below links.




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We hope this information is useful, but please get in contact if you have any other questions.