There are plenty of reasons to choose a courier service over the traditional postage methods. Couriers will transport your deliveries from door to door and have become popular in the UK as a way to guarantee the safety and efficient delivery of your parcels and letters.

Tunbridge Wells courier services

Couriers have shot to popularity over the last few years, especially because of the rise of online selling on websites such as eBay. Sellers are shipping off larger items and a courier offers a cost effective measure for delivery, cheaper than the post office.

It’s not just this that appeases to people though. Couriers also offer the benefit of a tracked delivery, so you or your customers will know where the letter or parcel is at all times. With a recorded delivery the recipient will also need to sign, proving it has arrived if necessary.

Why choose Post and Packing’s courier service?

At Post and Packing we offer an excellent courier service for whatever you want delivered. You can receive or send parcels and letters in a safe and secure way and even send out multiple deliveries at the same time.

We offer a cost effective courier service for both individuals and businesses, so why not get in touch today and find out what we can do for you. For more information, give our Tunbridge Wells Post and Packing a call on 01892 739799. You can receive some advice for your own deliveries or even arrange for a courier to pick up your parcels today.

To find out more on the incredible services we offer, give us a call or visit the shop today.

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